A Preschool Thanksgiving Program


No doubt you were beginning to think, as our Canadian relatives put it, we'd "fallen in". November was a really busy month...including a trip for John to Hungary for a conference, lots of holiday celebrations and preparations, and as any of you with young families know...a plethora of "stuff" that simply takes up masses of time, but in hindsight you can't recall where the time actually went...
we call this LIFE!

I was able to capture a few shots of Annie's Thanksgiving program at her preschool. A natural performer, and one who loves the spotlight, this was her time to shine and she had a real ball. We even let big sister Sophie skip school so she could check out Annie's school for the first time and get to see her do her stuff....

Boys...aren't they silly?

Sophie performs for the half time show.

Our little "Indian", bearing gifts for the "Pilgrims", also known as "the four-year olds"

Enjoying their own Thanksgiving feast...

For those of you out there who have expressed and interest in funny facial expressions, this one's for you!