Thankful Preschoolers


Here is a brief glimpse into Annie's Thanksgiving Program at Grace Preschool:

Cheerful pilgrims. From all I've read about the pilgrims, not much to be cheerful about. But we'll forgive the interpretation.

Fainting-with-hunger pilgrims (still looking a little cheerful, though).

Native Americans to the rescue.

Waiting to say grace and a bit ticked off that no one else is! How's that for gratitude?! Sniffing a little legalism here.

Good Day, Great Friends


Celebrating major holidays overseas can be challenging. For one thing life goes on around you as always. I'll never forget our first Christmas morning here, opening gifts and being startled by the sound of the garbage truck out our window! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It represents so many wonderful memories of family and childhood. This year was a special treat to get to spend it with some good friends who treasure the day as much as we do, and who went the extra mile to make it special for all of us!

The kids.

What are you all standing around for? Bring on the grub!

Not sure what this get up was about, but Sophie is always theatrical!

Toddler Logic: When you don't know what something is, put it in your mouth to find out.