Tee Ball


I must admit, I was a little skeptical when my husband scoured the stores (in December) before we left the last time, trying to find a tee for tee ball, bats and balls. I mean, we live in the center of a big city (read: no yard), the parks are meant to be works of art (read: don't walk in the grass, don't run, and certainly don't look like you are having too much fun), and houses with yards are typically out of our price range. But where there is a will there's a way, and my husband has the Cook gene that programs them to look at sports like most people look at, say, breathing. I mean, this is the family that for years rented out a gym on Christmas day and invited all their buddies for post-present, post-feast athletics...the time that in my family was usually reserved for, say, NAPS!

Below you will find some pictures of our beginning stages of Tee ball (Boggess/Linch relatives clapping because of the baseball theme, Cook relatives clapping for the connection to any athletic activity). Benjamin stole the ball off the tee too many times to count, Annie found posing for pictures and exploring the yard more interesting, but Sophie took to it like a duck to water.

The empty lot across from our apartment building (background) usually full of cars and boys.

Sophie the athlete...definitely from the Cook side....or possibly my side, if it is a recessive gene that skipped over me! Come to think of it, my brother and sister are much more athletic than me. Maybe I'm athletically challenged?

Reminds me of outdoor P.E. at Highlawn Elementary when I'd been picked off first during dodgeball. There are some of my genes coming through...

Sophie instructing the neighborhood boys on the finer points of Tee Ball. Pretty self-explanatory, to be sure, but keep in mind that this is the land of soccer and most of these boys have never held a bat before!

Peek-a-boo, Sophie!

"Do you like this piece of trash I found on the ground?" Or in Benjamin language, "Guck?"

Time out for Pout.

Definitely into the spectating side of things. (A kindred spirit, MM?)

Laundry line pose.

Action shot.

Into Everything


OK, we all love him, but he sure is a rascal. Here is a bit of what he is getting into...

There is a reason we moved this dollhouse to a higher position....Note the balancing on one foot...

Books, books, and more books.

If you could smell his breath, you'd get a whiff of laundry detergent, and yet he refuses to eat mashed potatoes. Strange boy.

Again with the floral scents, this time deodorant.

Mom's curlers.

At 18 months he shows an amazing ability to get into anything and EVERYTHING. But he has an even better ability at worming his way into our hearts with his abundant hugs, and frequent smiles.

A momma's boy...

and Dad's little buddy...

Prehistoric Rock Drawings...an afternoon excursion


Today John and I, along with some friends, spent a kid-free afternoon visiting a local sight of interest viewing ancient rock carvings. It was a fun afternoon of being out of the city and seeing some unique sights. I was more taken with the uncarved rock formations rather than the prime attraction of prehistoric carvings.

...where the deer and the antelope play

Warning: No feet allowed, but snakes welcome.

A Honey-comb rock.

A friendly shepherd along the way.

The "Wish Stone", young unmarried women are encouraged to climb through this hole to ensure that they will, in fact, one day marry. Any takers?

Raising A Reader


For those of you poor souls who can claim me as a former roommate (Desha, Mindy, Josette, Crystal...to name a few), you know how much I love a rainy day, a cozy bed, and a great read.

Someone told us when Sophie was just a baby that the best way to raise a reader is to model reading...to actually read, not just to them, but as a model. Always one to "sacrifice" for a good cause, I willingly took this oh-so burdensome task on....

Poor Benjamin has no choice, if modelling is any determiner. Not only mom and dad love reading, but Sophie (pictured below) shows signs of putting her mom to shame in the reading category, and Annie, though not yet literate, is constantly "reading" aloud to her 'tend frens (pretend friends).

Ben has started scoping out the joint to find whoever is presently reading and sidling up beside them with his own collection of books (often perused upside down!). He reveals that while he does love a good book, he is also all boy and not opposed to some clowning around, too.