Dear Patient Readers:


You will hopefully notice the new format. I am intrepid to my own detriment at times when I enter into the techie world....and so all my fun little sidebars are lost forever. Maybe I'll get around to creating new ones, but in the meantime, dig back into the archives as I am finally getting caught up on all my back blogging. Its been a busy season for us, as no doubt it has been for you.

Three birthday parties for one girl...
A sick mom and a bad haircut...
School programs and lambies...
An extrordinary wedding...
...and lots of just everyday life with the Cooks.

Hopefully, January will give you time to sit back and relax. We would be honored if you spend a few of those precious minutes with us!

*cute picture of kids intended to pull at heartstrings*

Annie's 5th Birthday Party.


It seems like Annie's been waiting her entire life to turn 5. Why five? Five marks the year when our kids get to start having friends over for a birthday party and Annie is our social put the pieces together!

With a birthday on December 28th, we decided it might be best to wait until January to have her actual party (next year we may wait until February! We were still post-holiday near comatose). Four great buddies showed up to help her celebrate. Since she is the oldest of her little group of pals, this was a momentous occasion.

The theme was Princesses and Princes, which fits if you know Annie. She is of the opinion that tiaras should be everyday apparel.

Hope the pictures give you a slight idea of how much fun we had!

The Birthday princess and her cake (3rd cake for this month...long explanation)

Sweet friend, Annalise, patiently waiting for the cake.

I don't know who was more excited, Annie to receive the gifts or her friends to give them.

Annie and one of her "oldest" friends, Sophie. They've been friends for 4/5's of Annie's life : )

Isabel doing a "funky monkey dance". Hullabaloo, anyone?

Benjamin trying on some of Annie's newly received "bling"


Annie's already planning her 6th birthday party. She was excited to think about spending it in North America with aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. However, ever socially minded, she tapped her chinned and queried, "Who will my friends be?"