We Are Fam-i-ly...I've got all my brothers and sisters and me...


OK, so those of you who know me at all, know how tight I am with my brother and sister. I have the coolest siblings ever, and much of who I am today has been the balanced influence of the both of them (they are pretty night and day, black and white different except in the things they value). I feel amazingly blessed to have gotten to be the baby in the Boggess family. (Can you tell I'm REALLY missing them?)

Those of you who know the Cook clan know they, too, are a pretty tight bunch (what other family do you know that rented a gym on Christmas day and had sports marathons, I ask you?!).

All this is to background to the fact that we really want to foster closeness among our kids. I am always pounding it into Sophie's head (when she is so frustrated with Annie that she'd like to kick her into the middle of next week), "There will always be new friends, but you only have ONE sister."

So here are some of our sweet sibling moments from this summer.

Tee-ball buddies (in their PJs?)

Matching gauchos

Ben, not to be left out...

Balcony PlayDough (am I the only mother who really loathes PlayDough? I make my kids play with it outside--which they love anyway--so the mess is easier to clean up!)

Annie, poor middle child that she is, complains "the brown-eyeds (aka Sophie and Ben) won't let me play with them" or "the brown-eyeds are having fun without me". Above a picture of Annie and Ben without the biggest brown-eyed. Its funny to me that Annie wishes she had brown eyes, when I love the fact that God gave me a blue-eyed child. We always want what we don't have : ).

Top Bunk bonding.

The 4th


Last year we had a great time celebrating July 1st with a big crew of Canadians...all of whom have now left the country (!) permanently or temporarily as the case may be. So, this year, we were delighted be invited to celebrate July 4th with good friends.

Benjamin getting down to Lydia's level.

Four girls on the Fourth.