Folks in Southern Ontario called this the Summer That Wasn't. But for us coming from summer
heat that usually stays in the 90's, we thoroughly enjoyed the mild summer temperatures. Having lived in an apartment in the downtown core of our city for the last five years, the girls found new wonders every day in the great outdoors. We are renting a home outside of town, settled on lots of land. The girls have discovered the freedom that most of us who grew up a generation ago in small towns take for granted. Benjamin, too, has adapted to his environment well. He had never walked barefoot in the grass, and wasn't sure of that situation. He quickly adapted, however, and came and announced to me one day, "Mommy, I love DIRT!"

Our summer was busy, full of things like visitors, daycamp, a trip to Alberta, a Cook Family reunion, and multiple trips to Wal-Mart...the girls have yet to figure out their parents' fascination with the latter...."There, AGAIN?!"

Sophie and Annie in their favorite climbing tree in our backyard.

A Familiar Face: Sophie's teacher from Caspian, Miss Courtney, came for a visit! Needless to say she was a popular guest!

Annie's new best friend,
one of our barn cats.

More Cousins! This time discovered at the Cook Family Reunion.

Our travels took us to Calgary, Alberta to go through re-entry seminars and other work related activities. The kids got their own re-entry camp and had a great time and made good friends with other TCKs.

Watching "channels" in Uncle Charlie's basement bathroom.

Annie, always model-pose ready!

Good times with the Tim Cooks (cousin Katy here with Sophie) in Edmonton.

The West Edmonton Mall, what an experience!

Back to Ontario
Sometimes "the Summer that wasn't" got a little chilly....yes, these are long-sleeves in August!

Tio Walter and BA are always a source of fun for the kids!

What would summer be like without a yard sale? We took the chance to get rid of stuff (long-overdue) and the kids sold lemonade...I should say, Annie sold lemonade. The other two had no patience for it!

Those of you reading this from our home away from home may wonder if Benjamin has finally gotten his hair cut! The ongoing battle between mother (pro-cut) and father (anti-cut) found a happy conclusion for all. Here is a happy customer.