What took us so long?


After three years of cross-cultural living, we finally decided to start a family journal of sorts. Many of you may already receive our work letters, and we are grateful to be connected in that way. But since we all have work lives and family lives (you would think that is a no brainer, but not always in our type of work), we decided to start a strictly FAMILY site (that is, not limited to only our families, but rather only about our family!). So now there will be a place for you to catch up on pics (for our family of picture junkies...I confess to the addiction) and funny stories (for those of you who have "complained" our work letters aren't funny enough!).

Part of the delay has been, How to start? I began by reading a bunch of other blogs (mistake) and found myself a bit intimidated by all the bells and whistles that can be added. I fiddled with it, tweeked it, and then sat down to write...fingers frozen on the keyboard or writing latin-like gibberish in an attempt simply to fill space. Then my one niece (MM) sent me my other niece's (A) blogsite (you know you are old when people whose births you remember and who you babysat know more about technology than you...). Nothing fancy about her blog, no slide shows, links, ads, or weather reports, but there in the midst of all the ramblings, like a diamond in the midst of cubic zirconia shone her sparkling, beautiful, one-of-a-kind personality and it made me miss her and feel more connected with her at the same time. When it all comes down to it, that is what we hope this site does for you...makes you love us and miss us as much as we love and miss you.

So welcome and come often, just take us as we are...a bit random, a bit self-absorbed (as any family with little kids are...they are the cutest kids ever, after all!), and just everyday folks, much like many of you, who just happen to be walking their walk on the otherside of the world. Let the randomness begin:

Sophie's recent venture into the retail world (thanks to a large recycled box from our latest replacement: a new water heater tank) produced this amazing title (right) The Everything Store: A Great Place. I think there is a future in that title. Barbie's sold for about 10 cents, books for a little bit more...funny thing was, when you left you ended up leaving your purchased goods (unique method of restocking the shelves) but you didn't get your money back. I am not sure whether her future is in advertising or business, but either way she is off to a great start.

I am sure with next week's beginning of school, we will have a picture or two to add. Thanks for stopping by! Beth


Titan Baseball said...

Great blog!!! We love you guys and miss you a ton!! Anne & I read through your blog last night and loved it! Good stuff - know we love & miss you all!


BoggessFamily said...

We just read the blog. Very well done. Love you guys XOXO

Santamaria said...

Hey guys we love the blog! Great job! It seems to be working - after we read it we miss you even more! Can’t wait to see more photos!

We love and miss you “BIG MUCH”

Love BA and Walter

Debbie said...

Your blog is very effective and much appreciated! I got a little weepy while watching the slideshow. I miss you so much!

Your family is beautiful!



ka.rich said...
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Anne said...


Kudos on the beautiful blog. You're so on top of things. The babies are gorgeous and I wish I could reach through the monitor and give hugs and kisses to all. XOXO, A

The Williams Family said...

I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT! Welcome to the blog-o-sphere!!! WELL DONE, COOKS! Enough commenting - time to go eat some cold melonwater.

Anonymous said...

Cooksie and Boo,
I NEEDED this blog! The letters are newsy but you know I need the relational part..the pictures, the childrens verbage and come on can you beat Beth's commentary! I see an author in those clips (if you can only break your horrible habit of reading the last chapter first...I don't think you can be an author committing that type of book reading sin) and of course your giftedness in photography just...well, I am speechless...though I know it is easy to take good pictures when you have such beautiful subjects! (Who was that in the picture titled "Bonding" with Ben?)
Though the blog is perfect I do miss a good John Cook story...those have to me done in person though...rats! My live is even better when told as a John Cook story!
I called you this morning 6am as you will see when you get up. I have so much more to say...shocking huh? But I will save a few morsels for later!
Love ya! Melissa