Nancy Drew

Fireman ("I realdy scary guy")

With pumpkin, Patrick.



Fall has always been my favorite season, and I must admit I have missed getting to enjoy its North American flavor the past few years. Here are some of the memories we made this fall. Hope yours was as fun as ours!

Sophie enjoying the tons of leaves in our yard.

The girls had been looking forward to crunching through the leaves for ages. We are staying on a HUGE property. One of the perks of this place is that the lawn care is sourced out. This also meant that not a lot of leaves were being allowed to fall before they were mowed up! I took to raking the leaves to the base of a couple of trees and "saving" them up for the girls!

Well worth it!

Annie spent October searching for the most beautiful leaf.

Here, holding one of the main contenders.

Enjoying a provincial park on a Sunday afternoon.

(This is the caption you think this picture should have. For the real story behind this "best laid plans gone bad" afternoon, give me a call! Annie at least enjoyed it!)

One of many gorgeous sunsets over the pond in our yard.

A visit from my sister, Anne, and niece, Mary-Michal, was the perfect highlight of our fall!
(Hint, hint: Come again!)

Thanksgiving! We do it in October up here!

The family shot that only took 200+ attempts to get all five of us looking in the same general direction without pained looks on our faces! Thank goodness for digital!

We'll end up with a few of the unfortunate misshots:

This one is just wrong in a lot of ways...

Ben, contemplating a dive in the pond.

Yes, Benjamin is picking his nose. Classic.



Hard to believe our "last cradle", as they say in our home away from home, is turning three! What a treat to get to celebrate it here in Canada.
Benjamin's new favorite thing to say:
It sounds like one word when he says it, but it means "I'm three years old".
Love him!



Why is dressing up so fun? Here our kids show how much fun it is.

Grandma and Grandpa Cook brought over lots of their costumes from their days in South America. Endless amount of fun dressing up as village girls, cowboys, bullfighters, and anything else the mind can imagine!

Benjamin wearing an old Halloween costume. We discovered that we didn't have many masculine costumes and Benjamin, not wanting to be left out, got into the act in quite a "pink" way (see below). Needless to say, a quick trip to the dollar store equipped us with a fireman's hat, a construction hat and other more gender specific items (not politically correct, but then, when am I?)

Ben getting in touch with his girly-side. He sure looks a lot like Sophie at this age!

All suited up for outdoor fun. How did I ever survive childhood without all this gear.
Surely its a miracle.

The thrift store has been a great place to find dress up stuff. Annie's main goal in life is to be a wife and a mom (and maybe a hairstylist) so this bride costume (circa 1988) was
right up her alley.